Policy: Driver’s Education Program

This is all a state-mandated curriculum for anyone under the age of 18 wishing to receive a driver’s license.

Thank you for choosing Ashland Driving School (ADS) for your Driver’s Education program. This document includes important information. Please read the below carefully. You may want to keep this page for your future reference.

The Driver’s Education program consists of 30 hours of classroom instruction, 12 hours of on-the-road instruction, 6 hours of observation of another driver, and a 2-hour Parent Class.

Any student who has reached the age of 15 years, nine months (15.9) is eligible to begin taking classes. A learner’s permit may be obtained from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV), but it is not required before beginning Driver’s Education classes. However, per RMV policy, in order to start Scheduling and taking Driving Observing lessons student MUST: Complete the Classroom Portion of the Driver Education Course, Pass the Final Test, have a Learner’s Permit, and Complete the Parent Class.

To obtain a learner’s permit, students must be at least 16 years old. Students get a Massachusetts (MA) Learner’s Permit by taking a written test at RMV or AAA (Appointment is Required).

The Registry requires that all classroom and on-the-road instruction be completed within 2 (TWO) years of the first class. If a student does not finish within that time, the tuition paid will not cover remaining Driver’s Education classes or on-the-road lessons and will not be refunded. Therefore, it is recommended that a student not begin Driver’s Ed unless he or she expects to finish within this time frame.

Record card

A card will be given to each student on his/her first classroom session, in which class attendance and driving lessons, observations, and parent’s class are recorded. Students must take responsibility for keeping this card and presenting it to their instructor at each class and driving lesson. It is this card, AFTER RETURNED COMPLETED TO Ashland Driving School, which will allow the student to get the Driver’s Education Certification needed for the Qualification to set up a Road test. DO NOT LOSE THIS CARD; the Card must be turned in to our office when the student has completed all lessons and driving hours, for us to process Certification with RMV.

The reinstatement fee for the card, if lost, is $20.

Scheduling Driving Appointments:

To be eligible to schedule Driving or Observing lessons, students MUST Complete the Classroom Portion of the Driver Education Course, Pass the Final Test, have a Learner’s Permit, and Complete the Parent Class.

On-the-road lessons are scheduled between the student and the driving school. Driving lessons are not given during class time and cannot be scheduled on the same day as Classroom Time.

We offer driving lessons 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm (times subject to change). You will be able to schedule up to 2 (two) driving appointments per call. As soon as you have completed the First scheduled appointments, you will be able to schedule the next set of appointments.

Lessons duration could be 1 hour, 1.5 hours or 2 hours long.

To set up an appointment, please call us at 1-508-310-6660 during office hours Monday-Friday 9:30 am 5:30 pm, or in person at our office.

Only 12 (twelve) hours are included in the course, if a student schedules over 12 hours, each additional hour will be charged $70.

Pick-up and Drop-off Locations for Driver’s Education Students:

1. High Schools: Ashland, Framingham, Natick, Holliston, Hopkinton.

2. Ashland Driving School (162B Pond Street, Ashland MA, 01721)

Please be advised that the lessons are scheduled for students one after the other (it may take longer to get home after the lesson because we must pick up the next student). Please PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

Cancellation Policies for Behind-the-Wheel Lessons (Driving Lessons)

We require a 24-hour cancellation notice for driving lessons. Cancelations can be made only during our office hours Monday-Friday 9:30 am-5:30 pm by calling 1-508-310-6660 or via the contact form (during office hours) by providing: The students’ Name, Time of the lesson, location of the lesson, and Contact Phone number(s). Sunday and Monday lessons must be canceled on Friday, during office hours, at the latest.

If proper notice is not given, $50 fee per hour will be charged (or loss of the lessons, if the package was purchased).

Students who are more than 15 minutes late for driving instruction will forfeit their lesson and be subject to the $50 fee per hour of missed lessons. If a student does not appear for a scheduled lesson, does not have their Learner’s Permit (Printed and in good condition), or does not wear glasses or contacts (if required by Restriction on Learner’s Permit) the $50 per hour charge will be applied.

No student will be issued a Certificate of Completion who has an outstanding balance.

Observation Hours

Observation hours can only be scheduled by calling Ashland Driving School, during office hours Monday-Friday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, on the same day or day before intended observation hours. We can’t schedule an observation hour(s) in advance, due to the 24-hour cancelation policy for the driving instructions. (If there is no driver, then there is no one to observe).

If the student has a driving appointment for 1 hour or 1.5 hours, then the student may stay in the car for an observation credit (1 hour or 0.5 hours accordingly).

RMV allows only 2 hours of on-the-road instructions (driving or observing) per day.

Required Class for Parent or Guardian of Driver’s Education Student.

This class is mandated by the RMV and is designed to educate parents in teaching their children to drive and to familiarize them with the Driver’s Ed curriculum. This class MUST be completed before students are allowed to take any driving or observing hours.

If you cannot attend one of these scheduled classes, you may complete the parent class at another time, but it will delay your child’s ability to schedule on-the-road appointments. Please bring your child’s tracking card with you to your class. If you attended this class with a previous child within the last 5 (five) years and you have the certificate, it is not necessary to repeat the parent class, but you must present the certificate (copy) to his or her classroom teacher/school for credit.


The Full Driver Education Fee will cover all 30 hours of classroom instruction, 12 hours of driving instruction, 6 hours of observation instruction, and the 2-hour parent class. Fees also include the $15.00.

Driver Education Certificate of Completion, issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. There are no discounts or refunds offered after classes have been taken.

Fees do not include any Registry fees.

If a student wishes to take the Road test with Ashland Driving School’s vehicle(s), he or she may arrange this at additional cost with the driving school. This is an OPTIONAL service.

The Bounced Check fee is $25.

Refund Policies

You are entitled to a full refund on any of our services before any instruction is given or before the First day of the Driver’s Education Course, during our office hours. A written request for a refund is required 24 hours prior to any scheduled service with proof of payment (canceled Checks front and back or receipt), during office hours Monday-Friday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm. Requests for the refund must be submitted in person, over mail (must be received at least 24 hours before scheduled services and during office hours Monday-Friday 9:30 am-5:30 pm), or via the contact form. Ashland Driving School will issue a refund within 30 days of the request.

You will not be eligible for a full refund or partial refund once any instruction on the driver’s education course or any package has been received, or classes for the course have started. All services must be completed within 2 (two) years of first class. After two years the money is not refundable, and services will be forfeited.

There are no refunds after the course has started.

Missed Classroom sessions

Students can make up classroom lessons with another session at all our locations. Check the Ashland Driving School website www.ashlanddrivingschool.com for schedules, the contact form or call us at 1-508-310-6660, Monday -Friday 9:30 am – 5:30 pm.

The Road Test (under 18)

For your Teen to be eligible for the Road Test, they must:

1 – Complete

– 40 hours of supervised driving with a parent or guardian (Maintain a Driving Log)


– 30 hours of supervised driving if the applicant has successfully completed a driver skills development program.

2 – Must have an MA Learner’s Permit for 6 (six) months or more.

3 – Has a current Driver’s Education certification on file with the RMV.

4 – Maintain a Clean Driving Record for 6 (Six) months prior to the Road Test.

Ashland Driving School offers a Road Test every Saturday and Weekdays. ADS requires 3 weeks’ notice prior to the Saturday and Weekdays Road Test to sign up (availability may vary). ADS will provide you with the car, sponsorship, and with the examiner from the RMV to take a Road Test.

The price for our Road Test Service is $150 (it does not include RMV fees $50 License and $35 Road Test scheduling fee, you will pay it to RMV).

Students can also take a Road Test at the RMV on the weekdays. (arrangements should be made by students with RMV).

Registry of Motor Vehicles Fees

-Permit $30 – This will be paid to the RMV on the day of the permit exam.

-License Fee $85 –This fee can be paid the day of the permit test (recommended) or any time after the permit has been issued on RMV accounts.

This fee must be paid before students receive a license.

Why Get a Driver’s Education Certificate?

A Driver’s Education certification of completion enables a student to take the road test (and if passed, obtain a driver’s license) before age 18, provided he or she has held a learner’s permit for at least six months and has a clean driving record. The certificate will also enable a student to obtain a reduction in car insurance of 10%-15% for 5 years.

Thank you for choosing Ashland Driving School!